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What is a drug relapse?

  • What is a drug relapse?

    A drug relapse is the recurrence of drug abuse from someone who is going through or has gone through a recovery program. Addiction is a chronic disease that is subject to periods of relapse. Usually relapses happen when the person being treated is exposed to certain triggers that increase their risk of returning to substance abuse.
    While relapses are common, they are not inevitable. Following steps of drug relapse prevention and taking action early on can minimize the intensity of a relapse period and can reduce your risk for further hardship from substance abuse.

    Relapse cycle

    Relapses are often followed by a downward spiral into compulsive behavior and addiction. Since relapses don’t occur suddenly, there are warning signs and other identifiable factors that typically appear early on.
    Signs of a drug relapse can be broken down into three stages
    -Emotional relapse
    -Mental relapse
    -Physical relapse

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