Outpatient Services

At Orange County Recovery Services (OCRS) we often hear family’s say “I don't know how more treatment will benefit my loved one – they could teach those classes!”

Our State certified outpatient treatment program puts a great deal of emphasis on the practical elements of recovery. Once an individual resolves the immediate concern of active drug or alcohol abuse they and their loved ones are left to answer the question “where do we go from here”? OCRS truly understands that there is much more to life than abstinence from drug and alcohol abuse.

Clients of our outpatient treatment program can expect focused, professional help in regard to the following issues:

  • How to achieve and maintain a drug and alcohol free life.
  • How to repair damaged relationships regarding family, friends and employers.
  • How to obtain and retain employment.

Statistics support the fact that individuals that have goal oriented lives that include the basic elements of success, integrity, honesty, and employment have the best chance of rising above their addiction. Our counseling and related services provide the opportunity for individuals to step past the revolving door aspect of addiction.

Please take a moment to contact us regarding your particular situation. Often within the span of a short phone call, we can provide an individual or their family with an appropriate game plan. Call: (888) 610-2234