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Your Sobriety Is Our Priority

Orange County Recovery Services

OCRS is the most effective after care facility in Orange County. We have worked with more than 2,000 clients who trust OCRS with incredible success stories. 

Orange County Recovery Services is a state licensed treatment facility located in Huntington Beach, CA. We provide confidential, solution-based treatment options for individuals and their families confronted by drug and alcohol-related issues. Studies have consistently shown that recovery rates are significantly higher for clients in a structured, intensive outpatient program during their first year of sobriety.

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Client Care

Mary Ann Smith comes to Orange County Recovery Services with 14 years of experience in the recovery industry. Mary Ann is a certified biofeedback trainer with a certificate in guided imagery.

Vocational Services

Tony is our vocation and education specialist. He is a resident of Orange County and serves to connect our clients to a vast network of work, education, and community resources. Tony received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Strategic Communication from The Ohio State University.

Family Focus Interventions

Richard has helped hundreds of family's intervene and get help for loved ones. His simple yet effective approach is suitable for all ages and situations.

Sober living

Structured living housing is a critical component of outpatient treatment. A highly structured sober living home is crucial to success in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction.


"OCRS has given me a new look on life. With out their help I don't know how I would of stayed sober. Thank you Orange County Recovery Services for saving my life"