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How to make someone go to rehab?

  • How to make someone go to rehab?

    How to make someone go to rehab?

    How to make someone go to rehab?

    How to make someone go to rehab is a common question among addicts’ families and friends. Families and friends must understand they can’t force someone to get help and go to rehab. The individual needing help must accept they have a problem and agree to seek help. Getting the individual into rehab is much easier once they have admitted they have a problem and that they need help. Getting them to admit they have a problem and need help is the hard part.
    Interventions are one of the most effective strategies to get someone to admit they have a problem and need help. In an intervention, family and close friends gather together with the individual needing help and discuss how the individual’s addiction has affected their lives. Addicts are usually in denial and interventions help them realize how their addiction has affected their life and the lives around them. The goal of an intervention is to help the addict realize they need help and get them into an addiction treatment program.
    Attend Al-Anon support groups to find out what has worked for other people. Al-Anon support groups are great resources for friends and families of addicts. In Al-Anon meetings families and friends get to hear from other people going through similar situations and learn how they addressed the problem. Al-Anon meetings are great for social support because it helps the people involved realize that there are many people going through the same problems they are.
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