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Don’t have an ID? We can help

  • Don’t have an ID? We can help

    Don’t have an ID? We can help

    OCRS takes an individualized approach to every client that comes through our doors. Getting sober is just the first step to building a life in recovery. Most addicts have a list of unfinished business in their lives that needs to be addressed immediately by someone that has navigated these areas before. Some of the most common items on the list are shown below

    1. Obtain Identification
    2. Obtain Birth Certificate
    3. Obtain Social Security Card
    4. Set up a Bank Account
    5. Establish Credit/ Clean up Negative Marks on Credit Report
    6. Building a Resume
    7. Renewing Drivers License
    8. Navigating Court Issues

    Let Orange County Recovery Services assist you or a loved one in the process of building a healthy and productive life today. Call 888-454-4125

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