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Choosing an Outpatient Rehab Center

  • Choosing an Outpatient Rehab Center

    Choosing an Outpatient Rehab Center

    Making the initial decision to get help is just the beginning. Finding a treatment center that best fits your need is the next step. Here are a few factors to consider if you’re considering going to an outpatient drug rehab.

    What type of addictions does the rehab facility have experience with?

    Kicking addiction problems is hard. So, in order to make the most of your treatment experience, we suggest going to a facility that has experience in the type of addiction you’re dealing with.

    The reason why it’s important to go with an outpatient rehab facility that has experience with your addiction is that every drug is different. Some drugs have withdrawals and symptoms that are uncomfortable but easily managed while withdrawal from other drugs can be extreme, unique, and require specialized knowledge and treatment. Going with a rehab that has experience with your addiction will give you the best chance of success.

    Factors that should be considered but are not treatment related are:

    • Distance
    • Flexibility
    • Support
    • Cost

    Considering these factors when choosing an outpatient drug rehab will increase your chances of getting the best possible care.


    Having your outpatient drug rehab a short distance away is important. Relapse triggers can happen at any time so the closer you are to your outpatient rehab program, the better. It is also important that your rehab program isn’t on the way or near any of your old stomping grounds where you developed your addiction.


    Flexible programs are important because if someone in outpatient treatment isn’t responding to one particular type of treatment, these programs can quickly change to a different type of treatment in order to maximize their odds of success. Outpatient programs are known for their flexibility. In an outpatient drug rehab people getting treatment can live a normal life and do things like attend school, go to work, live at home, and take care of responsibilities that if they were in an inpatient treatment setting would be incapable of doing.


    Support is one of the most important factors to successful addiction treatment, and should be on the top of the list of things to look for when looking at outpatient drug rehabs. With no support individuals getting treatment will have to face temptation, withdrawals, and countless other things on their own. When looking for rehabs ensure they have 24/7 support available for both you and the family.


    Figuring out the cost of a treatment program can be scary. Treatment isn’t cheap and financial stress is one of the common things that trigger relapses. Sobriety is priceless, but make sure you will be able to pay the bills once you’re done with treatment. Outpatient drug rehabs are a lot less expensive than inpatient rehabs and more insurance companies are beginning to cover these costs. If you are having issues paying for rehab, you can consider asking the facility if there are any resources available to help cover some some the expenses involved in addiction treatment. 

    Luxury Outpatient Rehab Center

    If you’re looking for a more executive feel and approach to addiction treatment, then a luxury outpatient rehab might be right for you. Excellent amenities like fine linens, gym facilities, in-house massage therapy and housekeeping services will ensure you get the perfect drug, alcohol, or behavioral addiction treatment you deserve.

    Explore all of your options

    Hopefully this article has left you with a few things to think about when choosing an outpatient drug rehab. There is no easy way to find a good treatment facility. You have to do in-depth research to learn about the many types of programs available. Here are a few last details that every addiction treatment facility should have:

    • Counseling services
    • Medication
    • Adaptability
    • A focus on the patient rather than the addiction
    • A health-centered approach that deals with all aspects of patient health and wellness

    The more you know about the treatment center, the better. Taking the time to find a program that will meet your needs will drastically increase your chances of kicking your addiction.

    If you’d like help finding the best outpatient drug rehab for your situation please call 888-454-4125.

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