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Addiction doesn't need to rule your life. Orange County Recovery services offers drug testing, sober living, outpatient rehab and addiction interventions.

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Orange County Recovery Services offers a variety of addiction-related services. Outpatient rehab services are our expertise - our Costa Mesa office offers daily one-on-one therapy sessions, group therapy, drug testing and more. We also have a sober living program with multiple homes to accommodate clients various needs.

Our Philosophy

Therapy sessions

Individual and group therapy sessions are often cited as the most important components of a recovery program.

Drug Testing

Our drug testing program will keep you and your loved one accountable, and documents sobriety.

Addiction Experts

Our doctors and certified addiction professionals are at the top of their fields.


Certified interventionists are on hand to deal with difficult cases and create a recovery plan

We work with your insurance, doctors and family

Paying for your treatment shouldn't be something to stress over. Our administrators are experts when it comes to working with your insurance company.

Most Insurance Accepted

Contact us today to see if some or all of your rehab and therapy are covered by your insurance policy.

Family Involvement

It's a proven fact that family involvement improves the outlook of addiction recovery. When appropriate, we encourage and help our clients to involve their families in the healing process.

Medical Referrals

We can work with your current doctors, and we can also refer clients to medical professionals as a part of the addiction recovery process.

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Our Philosophy

Addressing addiction requires a plan custom tailored to the individual. Everyone's situation is different, so the first step at OCRS is to sit down for a consultation to better understand your needs.

We believe in getting it right the first time - sometimes this means exercising 'tough love' but in the end it pays off. The ultimate goal of our services is to help our clients achieve long term sobriety and lead happy lives.

We offer a no-obligation, free initial consultation

Call us now at (949)515-9191 to discuss your individual issues and create a plan for recovery

Always on call

When you're a client with OCRS, there's always someone you can talk to, 24 hours a day

Family Support

We're here to listen. We can help direct families to resources and even support groups.

Phone or email

Whether you prefer communicating via phone or email, we're here to help. Email an intake coordinator today: edie@ocrecoveryservices.com


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